The Value of Learning Data Science in an Online Education System

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly influenced lifestyles on a global scale. With public places being less frequented, ways to adjust to the new status quo have emerged. Travel plans have been put to a halt, work-from-home has become the new normal and online shopping is more popular now than ever before. One particular consequence of […]

FTI Students build Facial Recognition System to revamp Attendance

The current pandemic crisis has provided organizations, both large and small, with plenty of opportunities to innovate. As work-from-home becomes a common practice at corporations and academic institutions, alike, it has also become clear that advanced technological solutions are necessary to keep the flow of productivity and efficiency going.  One such innovative solution has recently been developed […]

The Need for Data Science Education in Pakistan

The technology-centered world we live in today has paved its way into what is being called the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) impacting the future of jobs and economy globally.  Constant development in telecommunications and electronics heralds an era where most tasks will be possible on a computational medium, which will affect all sectors, be it […]