Frontier Technology Institute (FTI) is at the bleeding edge of technology & people. A collection of passionate professionals with years of Analytics experience to share. We offer unique opportunities through Training and Advisory in contemporary AI.

Come, make a difference with us – through data!
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Over 160 students have graduated from our certified training programs and gone on to launch their careers in analytics.

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Since our inception in 2019, more than 10 organizations have trusted us to fulfill their training and advisory needs.


Our graduates and consultants have successfully developed 14 industry projects in AI, Robotics, and Workplace Automation.

FTI Programs

Python Programming

Python one of the world’s most popular programming languages used, most commonly, by Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and Back-End Developers. In fact, organizations, worldwide, are using Python to harvest relevant insights from their complex data to gain a competitive edge. And so, FTI has put together a fully hands-on Python course designed to provide you with core Python programming skills necessary to harness the complete Python ecosystem.

Data Science

Data Science and Machine Learning are transforming entire industries and becoming an entrenched part of everyday life. In view of the continuous need from the market and the increasing scope, FTI has put together a completely hands-on Certified Data Science Training Program that covers all state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.

Business Intelligence (BI)

With tons of data being generated every day in organizations, it is now imperative to drill this data for extracting useful insights. To this end, FTI has put together a Certified Business Intelligence (BI) Training Program designed to provide industry professionals with core BI skills to achieve effective decision making, data governance, and business goals.


Data Analyst

From fetching data from multiple sources and loading it into a unified destination for a large retailer like Imtiaz Supermarket to designing and developing data warehouse for a large bank like UBL, industries in Pakistan provide perfect use cases for SQL. And so, FTI has launched a comprehensive and fully robust Data Analyst Certification that is designed to provide industry professionals with core data cleaning, data manipulation, and data management skills necessary to achieve effective data governance and decision making in any organization.


Corporate Training

Interested in Training your Workforce for the Future of Work?

We’ve partnered with some of the leading names in industry to transform their existing business processes through Data Science, Technology & Analytics.

Meet the Faculty

Hear from some of our faculty members Abrar Agha, Usman Ali, Sania Awan, and Ayman Rehan as they talk about their backgrounds, motivation to join FTI, and their experience, so far, in teaching and interacting with students at FTI.

Student Testimonials

Hear from some of our students as they share their motivation to pursue Data Science and reflect on their FTI experience.



Our faculty and advisors have background and experiences from some of the best universities and organizations across the globe. We'll empower you with the right skills and solutions necessary.


Enjoy learning in-person or online through our interactive content comprising of live lectures, lab sessions, quizzes, videos, live tutorials, monthly distinguished speaker sessions, hands-on programming, and more.


FTI values a culture of collaboration, equal opportunity, and openness. We welcome anyone and everyone with a vested interest in data literacy, and are passionate about helping you reach your goals in an affordable, effective way.


Our price is the most competitive in the market because we believe that everyone should be able to afford excellence.

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