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Data Science

Data Science and Machine Learning are transforming entire industries and becoming an entrenched part of everyday life. In view of the continuous need from the market and the increasing scope, FTI has put together a fully relevant Data Science Training Program. This is the first certification of its kind in Pakistan, and it is completely hands-on including practical exercises with all state-of-the-art data science algorithms.

Business Intelligence (BI)

With tons of data being generated every day in organizations, it is now imperative to drill this data for extracting useful insights. To this end, FTI has launched a Business Intelligence (BI) Training Program designed to provide industry professionals with core BI skills to achieve effective decision making, data governance, and business goals. Through this certification, we will be focusing on comprehensive, hands-on coursework using Power BI.



From fetching data from multiple sources and loading it into a unified destination for a large retailer like Imtiaz Supermarket to designing and developing data warehouse for a large bank like UBL, industries in Pakistan provide perfect use cases for SQL. And so, FTI has launched a comprehensive and fully robust SQL Certification that is designed to provide industry professionals with core data cleaning, data manipulation, and data management skills necessary to achieve effective data governance and decision making in any organization.


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