How Will Data Science Certification Improve Your Job Prospects?

Data science is a dynamic field with numerous pathways. It provides an important guide to developing an effective IT infrastructure in an organization. Being one of the most sought-after skills, many organizations have put data science at the core of their strategy to counter prolonged and manualized methods for analyzing data. As a result, organizations are on a constant lookout for data experts, and eagerly want to hire professionals who have a great sense of data-handling, along with experience in executing machine learning and data science projects. This presents a valid question for the aspiring data scientists – is it worth taking up an upskill certification course? 

The sphere of data science evolves at every turn, and to keep up with such emerging techniques it is certainly recommended to take a certified course. There is quite a lot of skills one can learn through these courses. From being able to understand the meaning of common Artificial Intelligence (AI) terminologies to being able to differentiate what AI, realistically, can and cannot do, certification courses provide one with a practical opportunity to understand the relevance of data science and its industrial applications. Moreover, through these courses, one can exhibit their eagerness to improve their skills, and this is what employers like to see. This also gives the organizations a fair idea of what they’ll get from hiring a certified candidate.

The Demand for Data Scientists is at an All-Time High 

By definition, data science is an interdisciplinary field that requires knowledge of mathematical and statistical models, programming, as well as the domain or business. It is a field that requires a constant upgrade of techniques as the industry’s acquaintance of data science is expanding. Certified courses, therefore, are an excellent source of skills and knowledge, aspiring data scientists would require. From an organizational standpoint, despite being large or small, they lack manpower. Hence, the organizations are willing to pay as much as they can to get themselves a qualified data professional. In return they demand skills, and certified courses give you just that! 

Data Science Certification offers an affordable and practical alternative to students unwilling to enroll in often costly and lengthy graduate degree programs. That being said, a graduate degree in Data Science certainly has its advantages but it is in no way a guarantee towards securing a job in this field. A certificate course also offers the privilege of directly networking with fellow students over job prospects, capstone projects, enhancing domain knowledge, or simply developing life-long friendships. After all, for most organizations, it is the skill that becomes the decisive factor when making that hiring decision and a certified course could achieve just that, if done right. 

2020 has been an unprecedented year for, both, the employer and the employee. Despite its ramifications, this year has shown the world that obtaining knowledge has no boundaries. With the mass influx of online education, it has now become even more convenient for aspiring data scientists to acquire the best data science knowledge from the comfort of their homes. With top-tier universities such as Columbia University and MIT offering online data science certifications, it is now left up to the aspirant to make the most of their lock-down period and improve their career prospects by engaging in these readily available online certifications.  

Data Science: An Industrial Requirement

Today, organizations manage repositories of huge amounts of data, residing in multiple systems and archived in various formats. Each of their business unit is using a different method for analyzing data, which in general involves a lot of manual work. It is felt that there is limited understanding at senior management level of what data science is and how it can help the organization become more efficient with improved decision making. 

While the organizations focus on exploring the world of data science through participation in webinars and alike, the need is for qualified professionals to share the importance of data science in the industry, with an organization’s leadership and management teams and explore the strategic importance of data science in creating an efficient business. Now, this is only possible if those qualified professionals have the right set of skills to be able to understand the organization’s pain points and be able to communicate the exact data science solution. Hence, being proficient is a top-notch requirement and this proficiency comes from command of one’s skills. A certification course will help in refining these skills, and learning new technical pathways that might come in handy when tackling a problem in a professional streak. 

So, Is It Worth It?

To simply answer that, yes! Data science and machine learning have been strongly impacting the global corporate landscape in the last two decades. The data revolution has led to a spike in the demand for data scientists and machine learning practitioners that shows no signs of slowing down. Considering its relationship with improved operational efficiencies and enhanced cash flows, its importance can hardly be underestimated.

In Pakistan, there is a strong realization about the importance of applying analytics across all major industries and business units. The need is to empower students and industry professionals with the data science skillset. And so, obtaining a Data Science Certification is a great way of gaining experience and knowledge in data science without the time and expense of earning a degree. It is not always necessary to have a degree in data science or a post-graduate degree to be a great data scientist. Hands-on coursework with projects validating one’s practical skills are increasingly accepted by hiring managers and research institutes alike in lieu of a formal degree in data science. 

By taking matters into your own hands and working to make sure you’re as employable and upwardly mobile as possible, you give yourself the best possible chance to reach any career goals you set. For aspiring data scientists, it is of utmost importance to constantly upskill and gain new project experience. And so, by enrolling in a Data Science Certification, you are giving yourself a direct exposure to practical, hands-on work which automatically results in improving your job prospects. 

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