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Over 800 web developers, UX/UI designers & digital marketers have graduated from our South Florida campus.

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Over 400 companies have hired developers and product designers from Wyncode, ranging from local startups to Amazon, GE Digital, Udacity and Magic Leap.

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We've been named Beacon Council Educator of the Year, an Inc. 5000 Company, an Endeavor Company, South Florida Business Journal Startup of the Year, and more.

Frontier Programs

Data Science

  Data Science and Machine Learning are transforming entire industries and becoming an entrenched part of everyday life. In view of the continuous need from the market and the increasing scope, FTI has put together a fully relevant Data Science Training Program. This is the first certification of its kind in Pakistan, and it is completely hands-on including practical exercises with all state-of-the-art data science algorithms and core industry use cases. 

Business Intelligence (BI)

With tons of data being generated every day in organizations, it is now imperative to drill this data for extracting useful insights. To this end, FTI has launched a Business Intelligence (BI) Training Program designed to provide industry professionals with core BI skills to achieve effective decision making, data governance, and business goals. Through this certification, we will be focusing on comprehensive, hands-on coursework using Power BI.

We have partnered with some of the leading names in the industry to train the workforce on transforming their existing business processes via the influence of Data Science, Technology & Analytics.


Meet The Team​

Hear from our faculty members Abrar Agha, Usman Ali, Sania Awan, and Ayman Rehan as they talk about their backgrounds, motivation to join FTI, and their experience, so far, in teaching and interacting with students at FTI.


Wanted to pursue experience in DS and start Online Course then I applied and immediately after first module I knew that I made an excellent decision as I was Learning things from industry professional

Hassan Ahmed​


Classes were interesting, interactive and very thorough. The course has been designed to accommodate beginners to programming; and ignites an interest in the field making of Data Science.

Kohula Afzal​


I found this course to be very well organised and structured, covering all the necessary skills. The assignments, exams and capstone project really helped give us hands-on practical experience.

Sarah Ameen​




Our faculty has academic credentials from some of the best universities across the globe. We'll empower you with the right skills necessary.


Multinationals and start-ups alike are establishing their presence in Pakistan, fostering innovation and accelerating growth in all aspects of tech.


As a blooming economy, Pakistan provides excellent opportunities for you to carve out your place in tech, whether that's joining a local business or launching your own.

Real-World Case

Facial Recogniton

Real-time automated attendance system which will mark attendance of students and employees alike using face biometrics based on high – definition monitor video and other information technology

Facial recognition technologies have undergone largescale upgrades in performance in the last decade and such systems are now popular in fields such as security and commerce. 

Our facial recognition software is a real-world solution to handle day-to-day activities of an organization such as a college. The main task is recognizing the faces of the detected person with high accuracy. The automated system maintains the attendance records of student as manual management of ledgers is a very tedious task. The system enrolls the subject’s face into the database against the subject’s ID (unique) and Name. The system then allows attendance to the recognized faces in the database.
Our software gives organizations a means of tracing their subject’s attendance, by further removing human mistakes.

Customer Churn Analysis

Predict which Customers will leave in the next n months. 
Customer churn refers to loss of a customer from an entire population of customers. Customer churn has a significant impact on the revenue of companies. Companies are looking to improve their retention strategies. One such sector is telecommunication. 
Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques, we have developed a predictive model of customer churn specifically. The model provides the ability to predict ahead of time when a customer is likely to churn. Furthermore, we can make conclusions about how customer churn affects a company and its revenue. 
Through this model, a company can put in place early intervention processes to reduce customer churn.

Customer Segmentation

Predict, using a large set of features, which customers are likely to make a purchase from the customers who have interacted with your company.

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing customers into groups based on common features so companies can market to each group effectively and appropriately. While marketing, a company might segment customers according to a wide range of features, including age, location, industry, products previously purchased from the company, to name a few.

Using machine learning algorithms and industry datasets, we have developed a predictive model of customer segmentation. The model enables a company to identify clusters of its customers sharing common personas to do target marketing.

Through our model, a company can significantly optimize its marketing budget as it ensures reduced customer acquisition cost and increased top line.

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